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Literary Hub — The Abnormalizing of the World: A Conversation On Mental Illness
Marin Sardy & Sarah C. Townsend on Personal and Familial Psychosis, Memoir Writing, and More

What I'm Reading Now...

By Abigail Zimmer

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Literary Mama:  A Conversation with Sarah Townsend
By Angelisa Russo

Setting The Wire - A Courageous & Lyrical Book about Postpartum Psychosis

By Sharon Gerdes

NPR Interview

New Book Tackles Postpartum Psychosis

KPFA 94.1 UpFront with Cat Brooks

Author Sarah Townsend ’90 Returns to Discuss Memoir

An interview with Sarah C. Townsend about her memoir, "Setting the Wire"

By Jiyu Shin, Contributing Writer

Townsend ’90 Discusses New Memoir at Bookstore with McCrea ’21

By Cynthia Rockwell 

the fish

Click to listen to Sarah's interview with writer/musician Cameron Dezen Hammon.

A Lyrical Memoir About Postpartum Psychosis

An interview with Sarah C. Townsend about her memoir, "Setting the Wire"

By Melanie Sweeney for Chicago Review of Books

An Inside-Out Memoir

By Melinda Minton for

What to Wear to Give a Presentation, Keynote or Host a Launch

By Theo Nestor

See what Sarah is reading in the Seattle Review of Books!

Writing From The Inside Of Postpartum Psychosis In Setting The Wire By Sarah Townsend

By Alexandra Panic

“You Just Have to Read This…” 3 Books By Wesleyan Authors

By Sara McCrea ’21

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Written by Jacob Singer 

Click for small press releases including Setting the Wire.

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Eagle Harbor Book Co. Event Press

Click for story in the Bainbridge Island Review.

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Click to listen to Sarah's podcast with Sheila Hamilton

"This is truly one of the most beautiful conversations we've had about the experience of psychosis and what it means to lose touch with reality. Sarah Townsend tenderly examines the terrifying experience of postpartum psychosis through art, film, psychology and explains why love and connection is key to finding ground again."

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